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The actual experience of being Hypnotised is very difficult to describe, neither asleep or awake. All hypnotic states are characterised be a tremendously pleasant state of relaxation, an altered state of consciousnes into which individuals allow themselves to enter so that desired beneficial suggestions may be given directly to the unconscious mind. Hypnosis is a natural, effective way of making contact with the inner self which is a source of tremendous potential, strength and knowledge.

Commonly asked questions about hypnosis

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of trance, one in which the the body is deeply relaxed and yet the mind is very much awake. In this it is very different to sleep. A lot of people compare it to sunbathing or that state of sleep when you are just waking up but so relaxed that you do not move; in fact this is known as the hypnopompic state. Very mild hypnosis actually occurs to most people several times a day. Day dreaming and remembering past events can both lead to hypnotic states.

Can you make me do a thing which I do not want to do? Put simply 'No'. It is possible that you have seen 'stage' hypnotists getting people to do silly things under the influence of hypnosis, but the reality of the situation is that the people on stage want to be there. In hypnosis you accept the suggestions you want and reject the ones you don't.

Will this be done in one session? Some treatments only take a single session, others take longer, please check the list of workable conditions for guidance and please keep in mind that these are only for guidance purposes. We work up to the point you feel you have done enough.

Can I be hypnotised? Studies at Stanford University found that ninety percent of people can enter hypnosis with the help of a hypnotist. Many hypnotists feel that this study was somewhat limited; it employed only a small number of techniques and with the greater number of techniques available to the modern hypnotherapist trance is more accessible. The only people who do not go into hypnosis are those who, for any number of reasons do not want to. You cannot be hypnotised against your will.

Will I remember it? Amnesia is a common hypnotic phenomena and can happen spontaneously. Generally the client retains as much recollection as is required for improvement.

Will I go back into my past? Not necessarily. Regression is a technique employed by most hypnotherapists but not automatically; not all treatments require regression.

Do I need to keep my eyes closed? Generally, once in hypnosis it's fine to open your eyes from time to time to check where you are. Usually people do not feel the need for this.

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